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Recycle is a important step to protect our mother don’t have any clue about it?

well you can follow the way to recycle

  1. Don’t throw your cloth or textiles to rubbish bin ,you can donate to charity .even cloth that are spoil ,the charity can sell it to the factory as rag cloth.You also use it as rag!
  2. don’t throw the Drink cans or food cans ,it can recycle as well.sell it to the recycle collector can even earn profit.
  3. Glass bottle also can be recycle ,it will stay underground forever if you just bury it on the ground.Don’t break you beer bottles to release tension It’s danger too !!!
  4. Set a small recycle bin (not the window recycle bin =) ) in you house so that you can separate the material to organic and non organic .Well throw it properly otherwise the rubbish cleaner will just mix them back together.
  5. Your electric devices  ,CD,DVD, and monitor also can be recycle too,It too waste just throw it and the silicon inside the electrical devices will cause pollution .
  6. If you creative enough you can even make the thing to DIY .
  7. The organic rubbish can be reuse by change it as organic fertilizer .
  8. Car batteries also can be recycle or be sell.It contain recycle material .

    recycle material inside the vehicles battery

  9. Plastic is a material that cannot be decompose so need to handle care to recycle.Use green bag when shopping in market.
  10. Paper is most common thing that can be recycle ,you can donate it or sell your newspaper but not throw it into trash .

Speedy Cleaning

Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle is one of the slogan to go green.Reduce has a lot of benefit not only can help the environment but also can help home financial and your home family healthy.Reduce is mainly mean reduce the purchase ,consume and waste like water, electric,heating fuel and other .

There are many thing can be Reduce .The  thing need to reduce is reduce the toxicity in house.Eliminate mercury from your home by purchasing items without mercury, and dispose of items containing mercury at an appropriate drop-off facility when necessary (e.g. old thermometers).

You also can Learn about alternatives to household cleaning items that do not use hazardous chemicals.There are a lot of cleaning item contain high level of toxicity just to have a effective and result.Actually is not safe to use these kind of cleaning item no only because it can pollute the  environment but most important is it will also effect healthy of consumers.

There are a lot of other way to reduce toxicity :

  • Use traps instead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers.
  • Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs.
  • Buy the right amount of paint for the job.Review labels of household cleaners you use. Consider alternatives like baking soda, scouring pads, water or a little more elbow grease.
  • If you have an older home, have paint in your home tested for lead. If you have lead-based paint, cover it with wall paper or other material instead of sanding it or burning it off.

What  is Recycle really mean ?

Recycle is mean the process to turning used product to a brand new product which are better bury in the underground as rubbish.

Why doing this?

Recycle can reducing the Garbage land dose beside recycle also can save natural resources and natural environment.

Which thing can be recycle?

Paper,glass and aluminum can, that all ?NO ,You can even recycle electronic product like refrigerator ,air conditional,water heater and even computer.

Plastic is the thing should recycle , plastic degrade very slowly some type of plastic can even last for hundred year or even thousand year.Beside plastic cannot be burn because burning plastic will release toxic gases.Therefore plastic product like CD ,DVD,plastic bag,and any plastic made product should be recycle .

To assist recycling of disposable items, the Plastic Bottle Institute of the Society of the Plastics Industry devised a now-familiar scheme to mark plastic bottles by plastic type. A plastic container using this scheme is marked with a triangle of three “chasing arrows”, which encloses a number giving the plastic type:

1-PETE 2–HDPE 3-PVC 4-LDPE 5-PP 6-PS 7-Other

Plastics type marks: the resin identification code
  1. PET (PETE), polyethylene terephthalate
  2. HDPE, high-density polyethylene
  3. PVC, polyvinyl chloride
  4. LDPE, low-density polyethylene,
  5. PP, polypropylene
  6. PS, polystyrene
  7. Other types of plastics.

Where can recycle?

Actually Recycle can start from your house like make paper using newspaper,set up a recycle bin to different the recycle item,

Who act important position to recycle?


Everyone is act a important role in recycle ,you active in go green may cause other people around you also act green . You are important position to success the  recycle campaigns.

When start recycle ?

Yesterday has past,there are unlimited Tomorrow ,Why not today? Start recycle now.=)

Here I say Thank  for try to avoid using plastic bag when shopping ,bring along green bag while shopping.Everyone has to act green as duty to protect the environment the earth Thank you Have a good green day.Here got 1 picture show the reason we needed to recycle and use green bag.


Adapt from National geography

Reduce ,Reuse,Recycle”