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How to living in a green and comfortable environment ? Any Idea you can generate out
a green Landscaping idea ?

To make a comfort nice garden you need to plan your landscaping well, but how to plan your living house well than there are few thing you need to focus on.These is the thing may take into your consideration:

  • Budget (How much you will spend ? No Worry ,Low cost also have good result ! )
  • Themes (Give your Landscaping Plan a themes ! Disneyland /Hello Kitty/superman/@.@Whatever! )
  • Time Deadline (Give yourself a deadline so that you can do it last minute ! Everyone love last minute! =)  )
  • Take in Green issue (Support green living! )
Landscaping is the thing should DIBY (Done it by yourself)/ DIY (Do It Yourself) ! Why? Because no body else  can really know what you want and what you need except yourself  ! Most important you can enjoy your leisure time in your backyard or garden to decorate it ! I sure you found more love it than you thought !I still remember I even place a umbrella for my little flowers =).
There are lot of idea for landscaping !You can even place a stone step like the Big picture above !
Check out the video below !
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