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Green tea

Posted: February 23, 2012 in GREEN, healthy diet
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View from Chinese

The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. In her book Green Tea: The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life, Nadine Taylor states that green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years.

Do you know that Green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years? It mainly functions to treat everything from headaches to depression!

In modern age, scientific research is providing a hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking Green Tea.

There is an example of an epidemiological study states that drinking green tea can reduced the risk getting esophageal cancer in Chinese man and woman about 60%.

Recently, researchers from University of Purdue says that “Green tea contain a compound that can inhibits the growth if cancer cells.

Beside, research also indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol.


About Green Tea

Leaves of Camellia sinensis undergoes minimal oxidation during process will produce green tea. China was the first place to produce Green Tea and slowly associated in the cultures throughout Asia and it has recently become more widespread in the West, where black tea is traditionally consumed.

Green tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits, with some evidence suggesting that regular green tea drinkers may have a lower risk of developing heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Although green tea does not raise the metabolic rate enough to produce immediate weight loss, a green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine has been shown to induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation, boosting the metabolic rate 4% without increasing the heart rate.

The mean content of flavonoids in a cup of green tea is higher than that in the same volume of other food and drink items that are traditionally considered of health contributing nature, including fresh fruits, vegetable juices or wine.

Flavonoids are a group of phytochemicals in most plant products that are responsible for such health effects as anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic functions.

However, based on the same USDA survey, the content of flavonoids may vary dramatically amongst different tea products.

The naming of green tea because after  infused leaves look greener than the dry leaves.

I believe many people have seen the movie <2012> and <The Day After Tomorrow >These 2 are famous and have translate to many  language. Well many people scare and try to give up .actually this movie is to alert the people we should concern on the world Environment.The earth is now become weak and weak due to the pollution , overdeveloping ,and many more others factors that cause !

So do you want to enjoy the rest of the day until 2012 ?There are another way to change this by going green ! even thought I think it wont be happen again but I still have to encourage you all to go green and save the world that we live on .The Global warming is cause the rising of sea level the area of land will decrease and replace by the water .In the future the water city Venice will totally sink in the water!

We should stand and work together to save the earth,save t save our future generation.Please share this information to let more people to concern about the environment.Thanks for reading this post!

How to living in a green and comfortable environment ? Any Idea you can generate out
a green Landscaping idea ?

To make a comfort nice garden you need to plan your landscaping well, but how to plan your living house well than there are few thing you need to focus on.These is the thing may take into your consideration:

  • Budget (How much you will spend ? No Worry ,Low cost also have good result ! )
  • Themes (Give your Landscaping Plan a themes ! Disneyland /Hello Kitty/superman/@.@Whatever! )
  • Time Deadline (Give yourself a deadline so that you can do it last minute ! Everyone love last minute! =)  )
  • Take in Green issue (Support green living! )
Landscaping is the thing should DIBY (Done it by yourself)/ DIY (Do It Yourself) ! Why? Because no body else  can really know what you want and what you need except yourself  ! Most important you can enjoy your leisure time in your backyard or garden to decorate it ! I sure you found more love it than you thought !I still remember I even place a umbrella for my little flowers =).
There are lot of idea for landscaping !You can even place a stone step like the Big picture above !
Check out the video below !
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Recycle is a important step to protect our mother don’t have any clue about it?

well you can follow the way to recycle

  1. Don’t throw your cloth or textiles to rubbish bin ,you can donate to charity .even cloth that are spoil ,the charity can sell it to the factory as rag cloth.You also use it as rag!
  2. don’t throw the Drink cans or food cans ,it can recycle as well.sell it to the recycle collector can even earn profit.
  3. Glass bottle also can be recycle ,it will stay underground forever if you just bury it on the ground.Don’t break you beer bottles to release tension It’s danger too !!!
  4. Set a small recycle bin (not the window recycle bin =) ) in you house so that you can separate the material to organic and non organic .Well throw it properly otherwise the rubbish cleaner will just mix them back together.
  5. Your electric devices  ,CD,DVD, and monitor also can be recycle too,It too waste just throw it and the silicon inside the electrical devices will cause pollution .
  6. If you creative enough you can even make the thing to DIY .
  7. The organic rubbish can be reuse by change it as organic fertilizer .
  8. Car batteries also can be recycle or be sell.It contain recycle material .

    recycle material inside the vehicles battery

  9. Plastic is a material that cannot be decompose so need to handle care to recycle.Use green bag when shopping in market.
  10. Paper is most common thing that can be recycle ,you can donate it or sell your newspaper but not throw it into trash .

What  is Recycle really mean ?

Recycle is mean the process to turning used product to a brand new product which are better bury in the underground as rubbish.

Why doing this?

Recycle can reducing the Garbage land dose beside recycle also can save natural resources and natural environment.

Which thing can be recycle?

Paper,glass and aluminum can, that all ?NO ,You can even recycle electronic product like refrigerator ,air conditional,water heater and even computer.

Plastic is the thing should recycle , plastic degrade very slowly some type of plastic can even last for hundred year or even thousand year.Beside plastic cannot be burn because burning plastic will release toxic gases.Therefore plastic product like CD ,DVD,plastic bag,and any plastic made product should be recycle .

To assist recycling of disposable items, the Plastic Bottle Institute of the Society of the Plastics Industry devised a now-familiar scheme to mark plastic bottles by plastic type. A plastic container using this scheme is marked with a triangle of three “chasing arrows”, which encloses a number giving the plastic type:

1-PETE 2–HDPE 3-PVC 4-LDPE 5-PP 6-PS 7-Other

Plastics type marks: the resin identification code
  1. PET (PETE), polyethylene terephthalate
  2. HDPE, high-density polyethylene
  3. PVC, polyvinyl chloride
  4. LDPE, low-density polyethylene,
  5. PP, polypropylene
  6. PS, polystyrene
  7. Other types of plastics.

Where can recycle?

Actually Recycle can start from your house like make paper using newspaper,set up a recycle bin to different the recycle item,

Who act important position to recycle?


Everyone is act a important role in recycle ,you active in go green may cause other people around you also act green . You are important position to success the  recycle campaigns.

When start recycle ?

Yesterday has past,there are unlimited Tomorrow ,Why not today? Start recycle now.=)

Here I say Thank  for try to avoid using plastic bag when shopping ,bring along green bag while shopping.Everyone has to act green as duty to protect the environment the earth Thank you Have a good green day.Here got 1 picture show the reason we needed to recycle and use green bag.


Adapt from National geography

Reduce ,Reuse,Recycle”

For over 40 years, Earth Day—April 22—has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is symbolic a day,a chance,a way and an act of green to protect the environment.There a lot you can do in this day like take part in by share yours commitment to declare the act of green .Beside you also can sharing info to act green around your community .Or you also can attending a earth day event near you.

There are also a lot other event like

  1. canopy project -Help fight deforestation, we will plant a tree for every $1 you donate.In 2010, Earth Day Network planted over 1 million trees in 16 countries under the Avatar Home Tree Initiative. In 2011, EDN will continue that effort with another 1 million trees in large-scale, sponsor‐supported tree-planting projects in partnership with non‐profit organizations throughout the world. Locations where reforestation is most urgently needed include Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and urban areas of the US.  Help us green our future, one million trees at a time.
  2. Creating Climate Wealth: Convening 200 of the world’s entrepreneurs to solve climate change and create a new green economy.
  3. Arts for the Earth: Celebrating the work of environmental artists in all media, including. Arts for the Earth is an innovative education program developed to teach sustainability and environmental education through museum and arts community networks.

Although today is Earth Day but we also should only take care about the environment for today only.We should act green no only today April 22 but is start from today.

Hope you can share this to everyone you know.Thank you for take part in the Earth Day.

This is a green checklist which list down the appliance which may help you greening your home.

  1. Identify all possible tax credit ,rebate and financing national ,states and local agencies.
  2. Air conditioner
  3. washing machine
  4. Cloth dryers
  5. water heaters
  6. heater /furnace
  7. refrigerator
  8. Door
  9. Insulation
  10. Dishwasher
  11. Lighting
  12. Roofing material
  13. Paint
  14. Windows
  15. Flooring
  16. Stone&Tile
  17. Sink
  18. Toilet
  19. Countertops
  20. Nursery
  21. Mattress
  22. batteries
  23. Cell Phone
  24. Computer
  25. bed&bedding
  26. Printer
  27. Television
  28. Carpet & Rugs
  29. Furniture
  30. Home Cleaning
  31. Dry Cleaning
  32. Garbage &recycling
  33. Pest Control
  34. Outdoor Grilling
  35. Kitchen, Cooking
  36. Gardening
  37. House Plants
  38. Foods
  39. Alternative Energy
  40. Energy usage
  41. Lawn,Landscaping
  42. Insecticides

There are two famous way to Measuring Home’s Impact which is Ecological Footprint (EF) and Household Carbon Footprint (HCF) .

  • Ecological Footprint has emerges as a leading measure of humanity’s(and your personal)demand on nature.It measures human population requires how much land and water area in order to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its waste,by using prevailing technology.Your EF is define into Consumption Categories and Biomes.

For the Consumption Categories show where you consume the resources and produce the waste .This categories include Carbon Footprint ,Food Footprint, Housing Footprint and also Go0d&services Footprint.

The biomes mean how many place acres required to fulfill your lifestyle.Beside Biomass include energy land ,crop land ,grazing land ,forest land ,built-up land and fishing grounds.

There are many EF assessment tool available online that can help to determine the EF at home.

  • Household Carbon Footprint (HCF) describe the activity of your house  over a period of time produce how many total volume of green house gas emissions .Carbon Footprint is important because it create a relationship between your actions and the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted .

Water vapour,carbon dioxide ,methane ,nitrous oxide and ozone are the common greenhouse gasses.The total volume is measured in carbon dioxide equivalents(CO2e),which combine all the greenhouse gasses together.CO2e is a quantity that describes for a given mixture and amount of greenhouse gas ,the amount of CO2 that would have same Global warming potential(GWP) when measures over a specified timescale (generally is one hundred year).

Greenhouse gasses which are primarily created from the burning of fossil fuel and raising by the live stock ,are released into the atmosphere where they absorb solar radiation.The radiation takes the form of trapped the heat from going out of the atmosphere .This process are called as green house effect ,the scientist name this as the green house effect because it like the green house which trapped the solar radiation which will cause the temperature rise .

The Global temperature is rising annually since industrial revolution which the industry releases large volume of the CO2.The global temperature has increases exponentially over the past several decades and now lead the melting of iceberg in two pole on earth and rising of the sea level.

They are many way to calculate HCF .they will generally be in the form of survey.The survey will required you to submit information about you home(size,location,no of window,etc),appliances,driving and flying habits and other carbon factors.

Once the HCF is notice,you will be able to take steps to track and reduce it.Increasing the energy efficiency of your home and living a greener lifestyle are excellent places to begin.Step such as driving less using more public transport,reducing home energy consumption by using solar panel or wind turbine ,buying locally grown food,and buying green energy from utility company .

Green home doesn’t mean that the house only have the renewable energy source like solar panel or Eco -friendly building structure but also the people live in it need to practice  good green living life style .

Eco-friendly building structure is the building that have good air flow condition and sun light condition which mean the structure of house is have good light condition even without open electrical light during the day time.Beside the air flow can effect the temperature inside the house which can provide a cool environment to the house even during the afternoon.Beside the the Eco-friendly structure is built from a highly recycled content materials and is made from natural material which do not release harmful chemical substances to the home house air and local water supplier.

Energy efficient is the key point to any green home.The energy efficient can be optimize by ensuring the proper level of insulation ,making sure your home’s  envelope  is  well sealed ,fitting your electric efficient  application and using intelligent control system to ensure no wastage of water, electrical and heating fuel.

Healthy Green living lifestyle  have a 3R principle :”reduce,reuse ,recycle”

The easy way to Reduce the impact on the environment is to reduce the amount of item purchase ,consume and waste.this not only include the personal item ,food and drink but also the electric ,water and gas.

There are many thing can be Reuse. For example the before throwing something try to use the item on different purpose(re purpose) like use bath towel as rags. If the item you use only need 1 tie then you can borrow from other instead buy a new one.

Recycle is the most common part ,recycle  can save a lot of  energy compare to manufacture a new item.When the item cannot be reuse then you can recycle it.Before you buying something ,ensure the item can be recycle as 1 principle when shopping in the market other then using a list.

The green home can bring you and your family a healthier life .This can prevent the family from  expose to the harmful chemical for example in paint  ,in pesticides,in the food,in cleaner when you do the cleaning and even the air you breath in.

Green is type of color and also the color of the most plant.Now the green have another meaning or symbolic about the the action to protect earth mother from being further pollute due to the overdeveloped on the earth.

There are many kind of pollution like air pollution,water pollution,sound pollution and now even got the radioactive pollution by the nuclear energy.  The pollution bring further  effect like acid rain ,green house effect ,global warming and ozone layer depletion.

The are many disease cause by the pollution.The skin cancer due to the depletion of ozone layer which lead human skin expose directly to UV ray . Next is the lung cancer due to absorb the pollution air cause by the release of harmful gases like carbon monoxide ,carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.The food we eat also being pollute by the pesticides , acid rain and even toxic throw by the illegal industry company .

There even got rumor point that the world will end in 2012 . This might be become true and yet we still don’t take the action to protect the environment . The WHO has organized event like Earth Hour are supported by many country and company in the world . This is one of the step to protect the environment by reduce the usage of fossil fuel as the source of electrical energy.

Many country decided to developed the nuclear energy to replace the fossil fuel .Many people declare the nuclear energy is a clean energy however there are problem not yet solve by the scientist which is the disposes of nuclear waste.The radioactive will last for hundred year or even thousand year.The radioactive can cause cancer ,gene mutation,water pollution food pollution and even cause death.The are many alternative energy like solar energy ,wind energy ,hydro energy and geothermal energy.There are also a device called Tesla’s Generator that produce a clean ,renewable and natural energy.

To have a better place to live on the earth we should together take  action to go green now to protect the earth.Our own healthy can be protect by going  green healthy living.