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Here are the 10 reason to make solar panel.

  1. There are cheaper to make a solar panel instead to buy the solar panel from the solar panel retailer shop .
  2. Solar panel easy to build and not hard as you all think.
  3. Make you feel more energetic during DIY the solar panels.
  4. Know how your solar panel system working ,can do maintenance yourself.
  5. Slash 50% or even 100% electric bill.
  6. Solar panel is safe to environment and all living thing.
  7. Solar panel do not emit any gases.
  8. Solar energy is a renewable energy Which can obtain from the Sun for free and unlimited.
  9. Can even sell back to the electric utility company to get profit if generate excess energy.
  10. Not only must make a big solar panel if you know the concept you even can make a portable solar energy phone charger.

What really is a solar panel?

Solar panel is a device that make up of many solar cell.The function of the solar cell is to convert the radiation emit by the sun and convert into electric form which can use by the electric device.Since the solar cell device is use the sun light ,no any combustion therefore does not emit any harmful gases and radioactive material.

If you interest to make a solar panel you can visit this website to search articles about way to make solar panel: